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The Milton Players Theatre Group Presents
By Michael Frayn
Directed by Ryk Simpson
Called “the funniest farce ever written,” Noises Off presents a comic cast of actors rehearsing and attempting to perform what should be a titillating and hilarious play called Nothing On. It’s a flop. With best, or worst, intentions actors struggle through on and offstage issues as they desperately try make it through to the end.

Unfortunately due to the ensemble nature of this production and the extremely difficult physicality and timing issues we’ll be working with in rehearsal, we do not have a great deal of flexibility on conflicts. Please see the rehearsals days below and audition only if you’re able to make that commitment.

Unlike many MPTG auditions we will NOT be holding drop-in auditions. Auditions are Sun Oct 15 12pm – 4pm, and Mon Oct 16 7pm – 10pm, with callbacks on Thurs Oct 19 7pm – 10pm. Please email Ryk Simpson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an audition time. List the days you are available, the role(s) you are interested in reading for, and any conflicts with the rehearsal schedule. If you wish to attach a photograph and brief acting bio please do, otherwise we will take a quick photo and capture those details during the audition. You will be provided with an audition time-slot. No monologues required. Auditions will be a cold read from the script in small group settings. Call backs will be held as required for each role. You will be notified by Wed if you need to attend a callback on the Thurs.

Audition location is still being determined and will be confirmed by email when we provide you with your time slot. It will be in a central location in Milton.

Noises Off is a 3-act play. There are complex set changes after Act 1 and Act 2. These set changes will be run as 10-minute choreographed vignettes during each intermission and we require crew who are comfortable performing, or performers who are comfortable supporting these set changes. If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions please indicate so in your email.

ROLES (character ages can scale up to down depending on relative casting)

LLOYD DALLAS – M - director of the play, 40s+. Artistic, arrogant, pretentious, not a “people person”. Considers himself a ladies’ man. Thinks everyone is an idiot but him. He’s wrong. Part of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle. Accent - none required

DOTTY OTLEY – F - actress, plays housekeeper Mrs. Clackett, 50s+. Basically sensible, but prone to flights of melodrama. Her retirement money is wrapped up in this production, so the stakes are high for her. Involved with Garry. Accent required for Mrs. Clackett (Cockney)

GARRY LEJEUNE – M - actor, plays harried real estate broker Roger, 30s-50s. Pompous and self-absorbed, but also so neurotic he literally can’t finish a sentence. Oversensitive and easily wounded. Has anger management difficulties. Involved with Dotty. Accent required for Roger (English preferred)

BROOKE ASHTON – F - actress, plays the attractive and desirable tax inspector Vicki, 20s-30s. Gorgeous, but out to lunch. Distracted, unfocused, basically well-meaning but oblivious. She is NOT dumb, but it’s easy to see why someone would think she was. Part of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle. Accent required for Vicki (English preferred) NOTE: Vicki’s costume for parts of the play are a bra & panty set with stockings. No robe/over-cover/lingerie. Please only audition if you are comfortable.

FREDERICK FELLOWES – M - actor, plays the dashing and wealthy Philip, 30s-50s. Goodhearted, naïve, deplores physical violence and the sight of blood. Handsome and knows it. Currently in the middle of a nasty divorce. Accent required for Philip (English preferred)

BELINDA BLAIR – F - actress, plays the charming and wealthy Flavia, 30s-50s. Bright, fun-loving, gossip and peace-keeper. Knows everyone’s business. Cast “mother” and doggedly determined to save the show. Expresses some interest in Frederick. Accent required for Flavia (English preferred)

SELSDON MOWBRAY – M - actor, plays the rather incompetent Burglar, 60s+. Slightly doddering, alcoholic, half-deaf (when he wants to be), charming old duffer of a stage veteran. In decline, but craftier than he seems. Accent required for Burglar (English preferred)

POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR – F - stage manager, 30s-40s. Mousy and shy. Constantly stressed and harried, along with Tim takes the brunt of Lloyd’s and the actors’ abuse. Tries very, very hard to be good at her job. Part of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle. Accent – none required.

TIM ALLGOOD – M - stagehand, 20s-40s. Very inexperienced, is fully taken advantage of by Lloyd. When not asleep on his feet, performs his duties with almost manic enthusiasm. Accent – none required.

Rehearsal days are Sundays (5pm – 8pm), Wednesdays (730pm – 1030pm) and Fridays (715pm – 1015pm). Location: St. Paul’s United Church 123 Main Street E. Milton Ontario.

The following production week and performance dates are mandatory:
Jan 26 – Feb 1 (Move in & tech week)
Feb 2 – 4, Feb 7 – 11 (Performance, pick-up, and strike)

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